Currently Sisar Larson is serving in Finland, oulu

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Her Mailing Address:


This card shows how a letter or package should be addressed to Sisar Larson.  The name of the church in Finnish is long.  It should be written on two lines, as is shown Below.

Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien
Jeesuksen Kristuksen Kirkko
Sister Jessica Larson
Upseerinkatu 3 C
02600 ESPOO

Packages should have the office number +358 (0)9 696 2750 and email – on the package.


Packages from Home:  Please send all letters and packages directly to the mission office (addressed as shown above).  This is necessary because of frequent transfers and Finnish customs (the office can deal with customs much more efficiently). All letters and small packages (smaller than 9 ½” x 1”) are forwarded without additional cost to the missionary. For Larger packages, the missionary can opt to have them hand-delivered to him/her at a missionary meeting in the near future, or to pay the additional postage cost of forwarding the item, usually around $10-$15 (a personal expense to the missionary). Packages should have the office number +358 (0)9 696 2750 and email – on the package.

All packages are subject to Finnish customs inspections and possible tax“Incoming goods from outside the EU must be declared to customs if their value exceeds €22 or, in the case of items sent as gifts, €45. Customs calculates the duties, value added tax and any other charges to be paid for the goods. The commodity code under which the goods are classified determines the amount of duties to be paid.”

We have had the most luck with packages that are sent through USPS (the Post Office) PLEASE DON’T SEND THINGS BY FEDEX, UPS OR DHL. Packages from these carriers will often end up caught in customs and usually have additional costs added. Online purchase (Amazon, etc.) shipments will almost always be subject to customs duty unless purchased from a EU business.  The duty taxes can range from €9 to €40 or even more with additional fees. Missionaries are responsible for these costs. Most items they need are available in this very modern country.  You may want to consider adding funds to their personal debit or credit card for them to purchase things here instead of sending them. If you do choose to send things, please remove price tags and take items out of the original packaging. Words like ´´personal use´´, or ``gift´´ on the customs declaration may also help.

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